A Bit About How Best to Buy the Book

Order your copy now by simply clicking on this link: http://tinyurl.com/dgeebk

Tell your friends/family to go to my website: http://www.YourEnergyMatters.com/book http://www.DebraGreene.com/book.asp

Either of these addresses takes you to my main website. Just pick the one that’s easiest for you to remember (and spell correctly!) and tell your friends.

The book is also available at selected bookstores nationwide (see my calendar for a list and schedule of appearances). The list is growing daily and soon the book will be widely available. Within a week or so, it will also be available on Amazon. Just so you know, bookstores take 40% of the retail price and Amazon takes 55%, while my website fulfillment service takes less than 10%, so it’s best for me if you order the book through my website. If this all of this seems too complicated, the bottom line is, just get the book! 😉

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