Come and See Me

Check out //events/default.asp. My noble assistant, Jamie Williams, has arranged quite a tour! After 10 days in the Bay area, I will be driving up the coast all the way to Vancouver, BC, with multiple events along the way. Then I’ll be driving/flying cross-country, with conference appearances highlighting the tour. So far, stops include:

San Francisco, CA

Berkeley, CA

San Rafael, CA

Ashland, OR

Salem, OR

Portland, OR

Olympia, WA

Seattle, WA

Bellingham, WA

Vancouver, BC

Los Angeles, CA

West Hollywood, CA

Anaheim, CA

Orlando, FL

Chapel Hill, NC

Denver, CO

Morrison, CO

Columbus, OH

Washington, DC

The list of events is growing day by day, so please check the website calendar often and tell your family/friends in nearby areas. I would love to see you there! Also, if you know of any good bookstores or venues please let me know and we’ll try to schedule something.

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