How to Make Energized Water

To Make Energized Water:

* Find a quiet place in which you can focus without distraction.

* Be as physically comfortable as possible.

* Take a couple of deep breaths.

* Close your eyes and intentionally shift your awareness away from an outer focus toward an inner focus, awakening your inner senses.

* Using your intent, focus on one desired positive quality that you want to invoke in yourself and your life (i.e., peace, clarity, trust, understanding, joy, insight, or love, etc.).

* Hold a capped bottle of water in both hands. Focus your attention on the water inside the bottle and very clearly direct your chosen intent into the water. Do this for about 30 seconds.

* Then vigorously shake the bottle for about 15 seconds to activate the water, helping it to absorb your intent.

* Enjoy your newly structured water.

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