Last Minute Gift Ideas

Tis the season to give. What better opportunity to practice conscious gifting, giving purpose to your money by directing it to mindful gift selections. You can use your money as a resource to support products that you feel good about and also inspire your gift recipients to live more energy healthy lives. Below is a short list of gift suggestions that are energy healthy and have received the "consciousness expanding" seal of approval. Enjoy! And may your holidays be blessed with fulfillment of your heart’s desires.

The Gift of Inspiration

Every once in a while you run across an exceptional book that you just can’t stop looking at or talking about and you have to share. "Seeds of Awareness: A Journey to Self-Realization" is such a book. An unsurpassed opportunity to intimately connect with life’s beauty through the camera lens and perceptual viewfinder of a spiritual adept. Awareness, inspiration, images and insights all combine in this extraordinary compilation containing photography, poetry, illustration and calligraphy. The perfect gift for anyone. Only $25 each. Ships within 3 days. Purchase online at

The Gift of Safety

Cell phones seem to have become a near necessity these days but the dangers of their use are not well publicized. The fact is that cell phones emit electromagnetic radiation as well as microwave frequencies. Therefore two levels of protection are usually needed: Something to counteract the electromagnetic radiation and something to counteract the microwave frequencies. You can protect yourself and your loved ones with the gift of safe cell phone use. I recommend the BioShield, a nifty little device abut the size of a deck of cards that you can carry in your purse or hook onto your belt. It counters electromagnetic radiation and microwaves. Check it out at $130 each. Also check out for articles and a variety of cell phone protection devices including pocket shields, air tube headsets and more!

The Gift of Clean Water

When I was in sixth grade I won an essay contest in my school because I wrote about the dangers of water and air pollution. In the essay I described people having to wear gas masks and carry bottles of specially cleaned water. Little did I know the essay was foreshadowing. It is now common for people to drink bottled water and have air purifiers in homes and offices. My recommendation for effective drinking water filtration is the line of products designed and sold by the MultiPure company. Their filters are top of the line and affordable. They sell everything from countertop and under-the-sink models to shower filters. I am a MultiPure Distributor, so if you order please mention my name and I will get a small commission from your purchase at no extra cost to you.

Clean Water To Go!

If you value clean water, this is for you! Seychelle makes a nifty little personal sized water bottle that has a built in non-chemical filtration system. With it you can drink safely from any water source (except the ocean). It’s great for travel, hiking, or emergencies. This filter system removes 99.8% of odors, microorganisms, chemical contaminants and dissolved minerals in water. It can filter hundreds of gallons of contaminated water from the same filter. Only $29.95. Check it out at

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