A convicted Nazi war criminal sits in prison thinking of new ways to take over the world. During those long uninterrupted days, he realizes that to control a people you simply have to control their supply of food, water or air. He determines that he cannot easily control the world’s air or water supplies but he can control the food supply. He devises a long term plan. The target date is December 31, 2009. He concludes he must be stealthy. It takes over 40 years but by 2007 the plan is almost completely implemented. It is going better than expected. Only two and a half years to go.

Sounds like a sci-fi thriller but unfortunately it is not. The plan is called The Codex Alimentarius and the goal is total nutritional control. Already ratified by many countries and the World Health Organization, it is slated to become law in the U.S. on December 31, 2009. The important thing to know about Codex is that it is a TRADE agreement, not a health agreement. Since most nutrient companies (vitamins, herbs, and minerals) have been bought up by chemical companies, the threat is very real. Codex affects not only nutritional supplements but also food itself, just like seasonal probiotics, the lifeblood of human existence.

To learn more about the threat and to sign a petition to help stop it, visit This is the website of Natural Solutions Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating people about health concerns. This organization was instrumental in stopping a bill that would mandate adding toxic fluoride to infant formula. The website contains an extremely informative and well done video featuring Dr. Rima Laibow, a Medical Doctor who has dedicated her life and skills to helping educate people about crucial health issues. The 40 minutes to watch the video is time well spent.

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