Subconscious Mind or Etheric Brain?

A recent New York Times article questioning free will describes an experiment done in the 1970s by Benjamin Libet, a physiologist at the University of California. Apparently, Dr. Libet wired up the brains of volunteers to an electroencephalogram and told the volunteers to make random motions, like pressing a button or flicking a finger, while he noted the time on a clock. The results showed that brain signals associated with these actions occurred half a second before the subject was conscious of deciding to make them. In other words, the order of brain activities seemed to start with perception of motion, and then decision, rather than the other way around. Dr. Libet’s results have been reproduced by other researchers over the years. The interpretation has consistently been that the conscious brain is only playing catch-up to what the unconscious brain was already doing.

Because modern science does not recognize the existence of an energy body, or etheric body, unexplainable phenomena is typically assigned to the subconscious. But what if we factor in the etheric brain? Could it be that what is commonly understood as the "unconscious" is really our etheric brain? Would this mean then that the etheric brain is actually "controlling" our physical brain? As the energy "blueprint" for the physical brain, the etheric brain is the precursor to thought and action. It seems that such experiments do not prove that we are essentially unconscious. Instead, they help legitimize the existence of the etheric brain where, in fact, the physical brain is playing catch-up to what the etheric brain (our real brain) is already doing.

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