The Power to Make All Things New

Happy Spring Equinox

Spring is a time of newness and renewal. I think of the phrase, "the power to make all things new." An interaction comes to mind from a talk I gave at the Ohana Connection yesterday. A question was asked about the new technologies that can track and measure subtle energies, make an interpretation, and treat energy imbalances all in one sitting. (They seem to have the power to make all things new!) You may have heard about some of these computer-based programs. Although the participant was asking about the effectiveness of such machines, it begs the question: Does this kind of approach have the potential to solve all of our health problems?

Those of us who are interested in subtle energies and the energy body would be among the first to say this is a huge step forward. Typically, Western Medicine fails at treating the true cause of most illnesses by attempting to stop symptoms only and by not recognizing the vital role of the energy body. The energy body is the "blue-print" for the physical body. Any illness that eventually manifests in the physical body already pre-exists in the energy body as an energy imbalance. With the advent of the new energy technologies, which work exclusively on the energy level, the problem seems to be solved. But is it really?

I would say probably not, for the following reasons: 1) The physical body is merely a stage that displays deeper subtle energy imbalances; 2) The energy body is not an end in itself. It is an interface between the physical body and the vast array of more refined (higher frequency) energy levels; 2) If we truly comprehend the vast array of energy frequencies that comprise us humans, then we must acknowledge that we are primarily energy; 3) Since energy can neither be created nor destroyed, neither can we. In other words, we don’t die. And the physical body is not where the action is (intended pun); 4) Consequently, using subtle energy technologies to solve issues that impact the physical body may help the physical body but may not benefit the many other aspects that comprise us.

The bottom line is, there are no short-cuts, quick fixes, or silver bullets when it comes to health, which is to say, when it comes to wholeness. The return to wholeness is essentially an inside job that is achieved most efficiently through the expansion of consciousness. And it is consciousness that truly has the power to make all things new.

Does this mean we should never use the new energy technologies? I don’t think so. It simply means we must understand them for what they are: An important step in the process; a vital stage in the development of understanding and fully living who we truly are.

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