Water of Life (part 1)

A couple of weeks ago Maui was awash for days with torrential rains, hurricane force winds, and intense flooding that took cars and homes and, thankfully, no human lives. Water, water everywhere! All of this got me thinking about that sacred liquid.

A Start Trek episode comes to mind. A terraforming station on planet Velara III discovers a microscopic life form within the sand of the planet. The silica-based creature kills one of the colonists to save itself from destruction. The Starship Enterprise utilizes its universal translator to communicate and hears the silica creature refer to humans as "ugly bags of mostly water." Although the assessment of ugliness may be debatable, the fact that we are mostly water is not. Your physical body is about 80% water. Your brain is the most water-consuming organ in your body; the next largest consumer is your lungs. Stay tuned for part II (coming above).

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