Water of Life (part 2)

Water is a unique substance that has special properties. There is nothing else quite like it on the planet. First, it is a great conductor of electricity, which is why being on a boat in an electrical storm is not a good idea. Water has the ability to carry other energies as well. One of the most fascinating of its many qualities is that water has the capacity to take on the energy imprint of what it comes in contact with. This is most evident in the field of homeopathy where water is routinely imprinted with substances that are successfully used in healing a variety of illnesses. Structured water employs the same principle.

In addition to adapting to substances, water is also highly susceptible to words and to human intent. Perhaps this is why religious people have been making and using holy water since time immemorial. The recent research of Dr. Masaru Emoto verifies the capacity of water to change its structure in response to words and the intent embedded in them. Since energy and information comprise your etheric body, water is intrinsic to the proper functioning of this body. However, not just any water. Pure, fresh, vitalized water is best.

By the time it reaches your household tap, most water has passed through someone’s sewer or a toxic industrial conduit (Pitchford). Water is endlessly recycled in cities and chlorine, a known hazard even on the surface of the body, is routinely added. Bottled water is unregulated so you don’t know for sure what you are drinking, and the leeching effect of plastic from the bottle into the water makes it doubly undesirable. In addition, most bottled water sits in dark warehouses for long periods and eventually ends up bathed in fluorescent lights on store shelves. Chemicalizing water, trapping it in plastic bottles for prolonged periods, storing it in darkness or artificial light, all these factors combine to effectively kill the water. Dead water is unable to perform its vital function as an energy conductor between your physical and vital body.

The solution is not an easy one. The best water for etheric health is water that is moving, exposed to natural sunlight, has just emerged from the earth on its own, and is clean. This type of water has high frequency energy vibration and is teeming with vitality. I am describing natural spring water, of course, but not many of us can hike out and gather pristine spring-fed water to quench our thirst. Increasing human population and expanding urban development makes water that meets this description scarce. We can only attempt to replicate some of its qualities: purity, sunlight, movement, and high frequency energy.

You can take control of the purity, movement and sunlight aspects of your water by using a home water filter. This way you’ll know what you are getting in terms of purity and need not rely on the claims of an unregulated bottled water industry. Check filter specifications before buying to make sure the filter removes a long list of known toxins and not just superficial impurities. Look for research to back up claims. In general, you get what you pay for. Pour-through pitcher type filters only do a surface cleaning of the water. Under-the-counter models have more filter capacity and clean better. Reverse osmosis units tend to work well, as do distillation methods and some structured water units.

But you can structure your own water and bring sunlight, movement, and high frequency energy to it. Store the water in a clear glass bottle (not plastic or colored), cap it, and set it in direct sunlight for about 15 minutes to charge it. Before drinking it, try the recipe posted above.

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