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The Essential Guide to Energy Health
Goddess Shift
Women Leading for a Change 

Goddess Shift is a beautiful and powerful collection of writings from famous personalities that celebrates women’s values and the very different future women envision for the world we share. 

In hardcover with over 40 inspiring chapters by women leaders:

Entertainment - Oprah Winfrey 

Finance - Suze Orman 

Social Change - Angelina Jolie 

Literature  - J.K. Rowling  

Medicine - Debra Greene

More about the book


Endless Energy is the New Home Health Guide for the 21st Century!


This book is about human energy – where it comes from, where it goes, and how you can consistently have balanced energies.

It takes the new science of energy medicine, translates it into clear and simple terms, then gives you easy tools and techniques to maintain your health on all levels–physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

More about the book


“Endless Energy offers an informative and skillfully woven presentation on how the mind, emotions, and energy fields shape our physical life. Included are valuable step-by-step strategies to manage our energy bodies and regain sovereignty over our health and happiness.” 


—  Bruce Lipton, PhD, Best-selling author of The Biology of Belief and Spontaneous Evolution 

Endless Energy
This is the New Home Health Guide for the 21st Century!

Complementary and alternative medicine, energy healing, mind-body integration, epigenetics (beyond genetics), and energy psychology have vastly altered what is known about how we function.


But much of this life-changing information has not made it into the mainstream–especially not consolidated into one concise guide. 


Endless Energy puts these revolutionary ideas into your hands in easy to understand and practical ways.

  • Ties together diverse healing approaches under one umbrella

  • Exposes the unseen aspects of illness and disease

  • Explains how to use your mind to heal your body

  • Describes the four energy bodies that comprise your energy system

  • Provides practical tools to sustain vitality and health

  • Addresses how intention and prayer work (and why they sometimes don’t)

  • Discusses the link between energy and information

  • Connects the physical with the nonphysical in a seamless way

  • Positions the physical body within a universal energy framework

  • Explores where consciousness comes from

  • Includes powerful yet simple energy exercises that get results

What people are saying about Endless Energy...

“If you care about the future of your health, you need to read Endless Energy.”

“Confused or skeptical about mind-body medicine as it applies to you? Endless Energy easily navigates you through energy anatomy and physiology, providing the big picture overview, connecting the dots with rigorous research, and detailing easy exercises. This book has it all.”

“Written in the conversational style of a caring practitioner, Endless Energy is the definitive guide to energy health.”

“Endless Energy walks you through the mysteries of human energy while providing you with the practical guidance to successfully master it.”

“If your clients or friends are clueless about complementary and alternative medicine, go out and buy every one of them a copy of Endless Energy.”

Order your copy today!

Goddess Shift
Women Leading for a Change 

That’s right, Oprah and me and more! J.K. Rowling, Michelle Obama, Angelina Jolie… we are all authors in an amazing book. This book is a beautiful hardcover collection of over 40 inspirational chapters by incredible women from a variety of fields. My chapter is in the section on Visionary Medicine. I am so honored to be a part of this gathering of women’s wisdom! 

In over forty inspiring chapters, Goddess Shift describes the shape of the new human family that is emerging from the leadership of these remarkable women, and the very different future they envision for the world we share.


All royalties go to support women.*

* All royalties from this book go to these nonprofit organizations dedicated to improving the lives of girls and young women around the world: 


The Global Fund for Women

Promotes women’s economic security, health, education, and leadership


Capacitar International (Spanish, “To Empower”)

Teaching simple wellness practices in communities affected by violence, poverty and trauma

Africa’s Tostan Organization

Community-led development in Africa 

Other authors of this incredible book...

Barbara Marx Hubbard
Barbara Walters
Debra Greene
Elaine Pagels
Eve Ensler
Helen Mirren
J. K. Rowling
Jane Fonda
Jean Shinoda Bolen
Joan Marler
Judy Chicago
​Maya Angelou

Michelle Obama
Oprah Winfrey
Renee Fleming
Riane Eisler
Shirley MacLaine
Sonia Gandhi
Sue Monk Kidd
Suze Orman
Venus and Serena Williams
Whoopi Goldberg
Z Budapest

Endless energy book
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