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Three unique programs to choose from, ranging from 5 weeks... and beyond. All aimed at awakening the power of your inner resources for lasting life transformation.

“Debra is a fantastic teacher! She is able to synthesize a wealth of energy medicine concepts and bring them down to earth. Her program is filled with up to date scientific information and exercises that I have applied successfully with clients and my in personal life. I recommend her training to expand your knowledge on the use of subtle energies in your daily life.”​


Inner Clarity Mastery

Journey to Inner Clarity 

Develop your "Inner GPS" and take control of your life from the inside out. Learn self care tools so you can become radically pro-active in your health & wellbeing in 5 weeks or less

Develop your inner navigation system to explore areas inside yourself unfamiliar to you so you can access their healing potential... 

Your mission is to discover and develop your seven internal senses, explore a detailed map of your interior (that I provide) and safely access your inner aspects so you can awaken their healing potential. 


Use & Care of Your Emotional Body

Discover your emotional body type and reveal its secrets. Get off the emotional roller coaster, easily access your feelings, and move forward with calm confidence in 9 weeks or less

Find your emotional body type and reveal its secrets so you can move forward with calm confidence in any situation...

Your mission is to discover your emotional body type and develop an exercise routine specific to your body type to attain emotional body health so you can handle any emotionally charged situation with confidence and ease.

The Energy Mastery Program

Learn to master the energies of your life-force, thoughts, and emotions so you can transform any obstacles with grace and ease and consistently connect with your Higher Self

In this comprehensive, life-changing  program you get principles, practices, and proven methods to address the multi-dimensional being that you are so you can permanently transform on every level... 


Your mission is to dive deep, to understand yourself on every level - vital, emotional, mental, and spiritual - so you can transform your inner worlds for personal empowerment, be more of your True Self, and achieve spiritual mastery

Energy Mastery Program
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