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Inner Clarity (IC) has made an amazing difference in my life. Anytime I feel stuck and my mind keeps replaying the same thoughts, I know I need to get help. IC has been the most effective tool in helping me completely change those thoughts forever. I may notice the thoughts come, but I see them from a detached place and know exactly how to move beyond the mind to my heart knowing. I feel the changes in my body and have noticed that my motivation and inspiration improves dramatically because I fell more fully myself. I have been able to make amazing changes in my life within a day or two after each session. Thank you Debra for you dedication to the amazing work/clarity you offer. – Patty SmithYoga, Instructor, Maui

You are an amazing facilitator. The IC process is incredible. Awestruck is too mild a word. – David JayIndustrial, Designer, Tucson, AZ


After a session with Debra, I feel so wonderful for days and days. I feel like I am living from my center, being the very best me that I can be. Everything is clear, and the power that I have makes me feel like there is nothing that I can’t do. We all know, mentally, that if you put your mind to something, you can accomplish it. But when you know that with your heart, and you walk around feeling connected to that power, it is a much different thing. A visit with Debra is like going to a counselor or therapist, but instead of just talking about things and getting them out, you talk about things, get them out, and then change them, all right there. It’s the best money I have ever spent. – Kristin Hall, Administrative Assistant, Maui

My session with Debra was very powerful and there were immediate noticeable results. That’s all fine, but I’m really interested in long term results. I’ve experienced immediate changes with other modalities that fade away after a while. Here it is now, two months after my session. Something happened tonight and I was surprised that my immediate reaction was much different than what it would have been before the session. The reaction seemed a natural one rising up from inside, leading me to realize that this process works on a deep and lasting level. – Jay Ligda, Online Wellness Network Founder, San Francisco

It’s now three days after our session. I feel great and also very different. I’m much more relaxed and sleeping well. I’ve also noticed that I’m starting to release my ideas of what my life should be and am starting to embrace the notion that all of this will be revealed to me in due time. The changes in my body are the most evident. I’ve just noticed that I’m much calmer, have much less need to speak out, jump in, dominate the conversation, etc. I’m leaving room for others and embracing co-creation. – Rebecca Hales, Writer, Vancouver, BC

Hello Debra! Just a note of thanks for your wonderful sessions. They are SO VERY HELPFUL – and AMAZING as well. I cannot thank you enough for this wondrous gift! I will never be the same —thanks to you! – S.H., Teacher, San Francisco

On many occasions since I had a session with you in Reno, I have thought to send you a message of thanks. At last, here it is. I feel most fortunate to have had the opportunity to receive the benefit of your expertise and gifts. I feel the difference that that one session made, and I know the change is permanent.

Meeting you for the first time when I heard you speak and following the impulse in the moment to ask you for a session the next day, turned out to be a wonderfully synchronicity in the bigger scheme of events and developments in my life. The change you catalyzed in me represents a pivotal step in a huge unfolding. You were there, with exactly the extraordinary skill set, with the perfect presence and intent, at exactly the right time and place for me, all taking place step by step in a way that I cannot imagine being better. Truly, in my experience it has the distinct flavor of having been all arranged for me by an infinitely intelligent universe.

My honor and respect to you for your skills, talents, and wonderful gifts. Thank you for making yourself available to help me and others in such a powerful way. My mind is boggled attempting to imagine how on earth the depths of hidden but oh-so-influential beliefs could be reached and brought into balance in any other way that matches the speed, power and precision of your work. My very best wishes and appreciation to you. – Name Withheld, Business Consultant, Reno

We’ve had a number of IC sessions over the past two years and I continue to marvel at the effectiveness and efficiency of Inner Clarity. In the course of my life I’ve sought help from counseling psychologists as well as a psychiatrist. Lately I’ve been asked to participate in counseling sessions with two friends who were experiencing difficulties. I picture psychology and psychiatry work as similar to driving at night in the fog. You headlights (in this case an observation by the professional involved) pick up an object or barrier ahead. You can make it out and know to avoid it but it’s not completely clear. You still can’t be sure if your seeing it all and if you can get past it completely. All the while you continue on in the darkness.

Inner Clarity literally provides a crystal clear image. You test for other elements not seen. If there are any, you make them clear as well, then you provide an effective means of eliminating or balancing out that barrier so that by the end of the session you provide the ability to effectively deal with and remove the barrier.

In the course of a session we have gone into some dim alleys and darkened back streets of my life. At times, in looking for answers, I felt like I’ve been in free-fall for a period of time. But I’ve never felt in danger or unsafe. You’re like a rock and safety net in the process so I can move into those realms with no charts and find old barriers and disturbing experiences and pull them out into the open and then effectively deal with their influences and rid myself of their influences. Each session has been a profound experience. I look forward to the next. Thank you. – Dave Moore, Design Consultant, Columbus, OH

Dear Debra, I want to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate you and your work. You have profoundly impacted the quality of both my personal and professional life. I have prospered, grown more compassionate, and increased the success of my business. I am more at peace, more joyful and more free than ever before. I have referred friends and business associates to you. Everyone has benefited. Many have transformed. Your work is unique. You are a treasure. Thank you. With Love and Aloha. – Name Withheld, President of a Mortgage Company, Maui, Hawaii

Hi Debra!! Hope you are doing well! It was such a powerful session and I believe your work with me that day contributed greatly to what I now consider a huge breakthrough on every level for me ...a whole new story has begun!!. It’s true. – Name Withheld, Professional Musician, San Francisco

Our last session has had such a strong, positive impact on my whole psyche I want to say thanks again. Your development and mastery of the Inner Clarity process is such a wonderful gift that it always seems to come from a place of pure love for the rest of us who benefit so deeply by being able to truly understand ourselves. – Denise John, Manager, Minneapolis, MN

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