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Debra Greene

Radiation Dangers and Solutions

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My intent is not to scare you but to give you valuable information so you can make wise choices about how to interact more safely with electronic and wireless devices. Each video contains simple solutions, most of which are free!

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Welcome to the radiation page!

This page contains resources and information about electromagnetic radiation exposure, radio/microwave frequency radiation, dirty electricity, and other forms of electro-pollution that are an increasing health concern of modern living.


  • Electromagnetic radiation increased 1,000,000,000,000,000 times from 2003 to 2007. It is increasing exponentially.

  • There are over two million cell towers/antennas now blanketing the U.S. and this number is growing.

  • Wireless technology/cordless/cell phone use is hazardous to your health.

Are Wireless Devices Safe or Not?

Cell phones and WiFi and “smart” grids, oh my! We live in a wireless world where we are swimming in electromagnetic frequencies of all varieties.

There are several things you need to know to safely use wireless devices. Because of the varieties of frequencies and how they interact with each other, the issue is complex. Here I will focus on two main things: 1) the triple whammy; and 2) what you can do.

The Triple Whammy

Wireless devices like cordless phones, cell phones, computer Wifi, baby monitors, and smart meters have three aspects that make them particularly dangerous to human health. First, they emit low level electromagnetic radiation (EMR) because these devices run on electricity. Second, they also emit high level, radio frequency radiation (RFR) because they transmit wirelessly. Most of these devices operate in the microwave frequency range. Known effects of RFR include damage to DNA and genes, increased cancer risks, and genotoxic effects. Third, most of these devices emit a pulsed microwave signal. Pulsed radiation can cause breeches in the blood-brain barrier and is especially damaging to neurotransmitters, among other things. All three of these factors combined create what I call a “triple whammy” assault on the bodymind system.

What Can You Do?

  • Replace cordless phones with “old-fashioned” landline phones that have a cord.

  • Minimize cell phone use.

  • Forward your cell to your corded landline.

  • Keep your cell phone off of your body (i.e., text instead of talk, use speaker mode when talking, do not keep the phone in your pocket or bra).

  • Turn your cell phone off when you are not using it.

  • Hard wire your computer with a cable (faster speeds, more reliable, safer).

  • Turn off the wifi.

  • Think long and hard before using a baby monitor.

  • Do not allow a “smart” meter to be installed at your residence.

  • If your residence has a “smart” meter ask your utility company to remove it.

Why is This Issue So Confusing?

The short answer is: because there are trillions of dollars at stake. The World Health Organization (WHO) categorized radio/microwave frequency radiation as a Class 2B carcinogen (same classification as DDT, chloroform, lead and car exhaust). A major US government study released in May 2016 found cell phone radiation causes cancer and is dose responsive–the more exposure the higher the risk. The Italian Supreme Court has affirmed the link between cell phones and tumors. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) has called for a moratorium on “smart” meters. There are thousands of research studies substantiating cancer risks and other detrimental health effects of wireless radiation.

Still, the multitrillion-dollar telecom industry continues to circulate its own biased and outdated “research” to confuse the issue. The fact is cell phones, WiFi, baby monitors, cordless phones, and “smart” meters carry substantial health risks. The giant telecom industry is able to get away with spreading misinformation because of strong collusion between government agencies and corporations that benefit from it.

You Are Not a Piece of Meat

Case in point: current exposure limits are based on outdated science. The old science measured microwave frequency radiation by looking solely at thermal impacts. This is the extent to which our body tissue heats up–as if we were a piece of meat cooked in a microwave oven–which happens at high radiation levels.

Now scientists know that we living human beings are quite different than a piece of meat. Current research shows non-thermal impacts from low levels of exposure. With profit stakes so high and with corporate/government collusion, there have been major efforts to suppress and discredit this research. But you know better. You are not a piece of meat.

These devices meet safety standards, you may be thinking. Sadly, the standards are meaningless. Using the old “cooked piece of meat” approach, the standards were established decades ago, before the proliferation of cell phones and wifi, and were meant for electricians who had short-term exposure. They do not reflect the current reality of how our bodies function in a wireless world. We are immersed in a sea of electromagnetic fields (EMFs), living in a human Guinea pig experiment that will make asbestos, lead and tobacco look tiny by comparison. I urge you to err on the side of caution.

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs and Dirty Electricity

We are constantly being pressured to replace “old-fashioned” incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs). The only problem is that CFLs, or the curly-cue bulbs, are harmful to humans and the environment. CFLs contain toxic mercury that will end up in the land and ocean unless they are disposed of as a hazardous material, which is recommended on the package label. In addition, some CFLs emit radio/microwave frequency radiation. They also have been shown to contribute to something called dirty electricity. And dirty electricity has been implicated in a slew of health issues including cancer, diabetes, migraines, fatigue, dizziness, ringing in the ears, eye strain, nausea, skin irritations, increase in blood sugar, and multiple sclerosis.

What is Dirty Electricity?

CFLs have a large base, or ballast, and most electronic devices these days have a box attached to the cord or have very large plugs. These contain components designed to alter the electrical current or voltage. It’s more complex than this but, for the sake of simplicity, the transformers act to chop up the electrical wave. If a stream of water was flowing from a garden hose and I did a series of quick karate chops with my hands, repeatedly cutting through that stream, it would create a lot of splashing around. A similar thing happens with electricity. When ballasts and transformers alter electrical waves it creates ambient frequencies that “splash around” and run into each other. This creates even more frequencies. These chaotic frequencies flow through the air and along electrical wiring, including the wiring in the walls, and create dirty electricity. We are swimming in a turbulent sea of chaotic waves. As I mentioned, these frequencies are making people sick.

What Can You Do?

  • Use “old-fashioned” incandescent light bulbs

  • Return CFL bulbs and ask for a refund

  • Create an electronics-free safety zone around your bed (at least 3 foot radius)

  • Unplug electric devices and appliances when not in use

  • Consider throwing the breaker to your bedroom at night

Watch my video on how to safety-proof your cell phone

Cell phones and cordless phones are major contributors to EMFs and their health impacts. The video explains simple steps you can take to help protect yourself.

Part I of my video below on household radiation (only 9 minutes)

I hired a Master Electrician to go through my house with instruments designed to measure various forms of electro-pollution. Very eye-opening!

This video covers the dirty electricity emitted by compact florescent light bulbs, the electromagnetic radiation from a cordless phone (many of which are even worse than cell phones), a cell phone, a microwave oven, and–worst of all–a baby monitor. You can’t argue with the instruments!

My intent is not to scare you but to give you valuable information so you can make wise choices about how to interact more safely with electronic and wireless devices. Each video contains simple solutions, most of which are free!

Part II (only 8.5 minutes)

This video covers radio-frequency radiation from a wireless computer, the electromagnetic radiation that can travel through walls/ceilings/floors, and measurements of how this “ambient” radiation can negatively effect your body’s functioning.

Each video also contains simple, elegant and free solutions to help you protect yourself and use household electronics more wisely and safely.

Energies, Agriculture and EMFs – oh my!

This video was recorded at a meeting of Maui Farmer’s Union United. I talk about energy medicine and the human energy constitution and then lead into research and info on electromagnetic radiation from cordless phones, cell phones, WiFi and “smart” meters. (I must confess to a blooper!

I am so accustomed to talking about the dangers of “smart” meters that I accidentally said my house has a “smart” meter in the bedroom. I meant to say electric meter! My house does not have a “smart” meter, nor would I live in a place that does. The tongue was quicker than the brain!)

On the video you’ll see the Amazing Enlarging Hand exercise in which about 85% of the audience (over 100 people) physically grew their hands by 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch just by working with their energies. Have a look. You can do the exercise along with us. Enjoy!

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