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The Tapping, as it’s often called, is a powerful yet simple energy exercise. You can get fast results and instant relief from a variety of stressors. Plus it’s fun and easy!

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Welcome to the Tapping Page 


Feel Better Fast with Tapping

You can feel better fast! The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), or Tapping as it is often called, is an amazing and powerful energy tool. By tapping a series of meridian points on your body while repeating a verbal statement you can experience significant relief from emotional stress very quickly (in about 3 minutes to be exact). This is the power of energy! I often use tapping myself and recommend it to my clients (and friends and family too).

Please check out my FREE videos below and tap along with me so you can feel better right away!

I created a series of videos to help you get immediate emotional release.
1) The first one (about 9 min.) is a step-by-step video where I describe how to do the tapping technique. I also explain a bit about how it works. If you want more detailed information on why tapping works, please check out my book, Endless Energy: The Essential Guide to Energy Health.


2) The second video (about 5 min.) explains how to get to the core of your issue.

3) The third video (about 3 min.) is pure implementation–let’s just do it! Click on the video and tap along with me.


1. Learn to Tap in Less Than 10 minutes!

2. Getting to the Core of Your Issue

Once you have mastered the tapping technique, you can begin to refine it. Part of successful tapping involves creating a good set-up sentence. This is the statement that you repeat while tapping the meridian points on your body. The closer to the origin of your stress you can get, the better your results will be. In this video I walk you through a stressful issue and explain how to trace it back to its core.

3. Tap Along With Debra

Let’s face it, this stuff looks kind of weird! So please tap along with me and we’ll both feel better. This video has no instructions. It’s just me tapping and giving the prompts so we can tap together. Join me whenever you have a difficult situation. No need to hang out in that energy. Tap away the stress to quickly and easily change the energy.

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