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Curious About Kinesiology? Book Chapt, The Call to Hawaii, 2003

Sometime in your healing journey you have probably been muscle-tested to find what supplements you need. Or maybe you have read David Hawkins’ book Power Versus Force. Maybe your chiropractor has asked you to “hold out your arm” and pushed on it while asking questions. Somehow you have heard about kinesiology muscle testing as a viable tool for accessing everything from vitamin intake to the innate wisdom of the body and higher levels of consciousness. Now you want answers about how it works.

Kinesiology muscle testing is a powerful feedback mechanism that helps provide accurate “behind-the-scenes” information that can greatly accelerate healing. A trained kinesiologist is not concerned with the strength of a muscle’s response. Rather, s/he is concerned with the quality of the muscle response. This is assessed manually, usually by applying light-touch pressure to a person’s outstretched arm. The arm responds by either staying strong or going weak—a binary code.

The binary code of muscle testing can effectively be used to tap into the body-mind system and get answers. This works because muscle testing responds to a variety of sensory input including visual stimuli and even words. To understand how this works, we must look into what causes a muscle to fire in the first place. A muscle contracts as a result of an entire bio-electrical-chemical-energetic process. Thus, muscle testing has the potential to “tap in” at any level of that process.

Conventional wisdom tells us that the energy necessary to fire a muscle is produced in the muscle itself. However, this is not entirely true. In 1966, Nobel Prize winning biophysicist A.V. Hill showed that the energy necessary to fire a muscle cannot completely be accounted for by conventional explanations (ATP produced by the mitochondria of the cell). He referred to this as the “unexplained energy.”

The “unexplained energy” is easily explainable once the human energy body is factored into the picture. The presence of an energy body has been recognized for thousands of years in health systems such as Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and Hawaiian healing. Your energy body is an interface between your dense physical body and your more refined energy fields. As such, tapping into it allows access to your physical body as well as a vast array of other levels.

That’s just what muscle testing does. It taps into the energy body, which allows access to information from the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. And if that doesn’t peak your curiosity, I wonder what will!

Published in Inspiration Journal, Sept/Oct 2006

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