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How to Use the News for Higher Good

In my twenties I worked as a news producer for Minnesota Public Radio. (This was at the station where humorist Garrison Keillor got his start and I had the opportunity to work with him. In person, he's exactly the same as he was when performing--laid back, witty, nostalgic.)  When I took a leave of absence to travel the world, and started out in non-English speaking countries, I became acutely aware that I had become addicted to the news. Having consumed it in some form every day for I don't know how many years, I began craving it and going through withdrawal (remember, this was in the pre-internet, pre-smartphone days so the news in English was hard to find).   

The news had become my global soap opera. I knew the characters and their stories intimately well. Each day was a cliff-hanging psychodrama. I didn't want to miss a single episode! But after a year and a half of traveling in a news void, I overcame my addiction and discovered that the soap opera goes on just fine without me.    

After that I developed a healthy respect for the news and paid more attention to my consumption, to the extent that I stopped all my newspaper and magazine subscriptions. When I quit the station I also stopped listening to the radio. Television was the last to go, but it went. (That was over 30 years ago.) Then Dr. Andrew Weil came out with his advice to quit the news, saying it's bad for health due to the stress that gets invoked by following it. More confirmation.  

Thankfully with the internet it's possible to be more discerning about the quantity and quality of news exposure. (It's also easier to get addicted, so beware.) Still, these are trying times. There’s no shortage of events to feel upset about. But now, instead of feeling used by the news, I have turned the tables. I now use the news in the spirit of healing. It goes like this: 

1) When consuming the news, I observe my reactions. If I experience intense feelings, say, an overload of fear, grief, or anger, I ask myself if the event or the feelings are reflective of something going on in my personal life. Sometimes it feels safer to get emotional about the news; to project our personal issues onto the world stage, keeping them a safe distance away and contributing to denial. Making this connection is helpful, but if the new awareness isn't enough to dissipate the emotional intensity, I use tapping (check out the tapping video on my website).  

2) Regardless of whether it's personal or not, if you notice you are overreacting to the news, do the following: using the power of your intent, consciously invoke your Higher Self for assistance and protection. It's important to achieve a state of neutrality or harmony before taking the next step.

3) Close your eyes. Feel connected with the Source of Life and ask your Higher Self to radiate Grace. Invoke the Golden Light of Grace and fill your being with it. 

4) Sense a bright star in your heart that radiates Love in all directions.  

5) Focus Love and White Light on any area of need you hear about in the news, such as Japan or the tornado stricken southern US.  

6) Mentally give thanks to all who help. Open your eyes and retain awareness of the Love all around you.      

By working in this way, on the subjective planes, you can lend powerful energetic support and join with the many others who are doing the same. Remember to "Let the Light do the Work," not involving your intention (or ego) for a desired outcome.     

Supporting Your Health on All Levels,


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