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The Energies of This Year – The Year of The Pig

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Energy medicine has its roots in ancient cultures where the energies of the moon and stars figure prominently to determine the timing of events such as the New Year. The year 4717 on the Chinese Lunar Calendar begins February 5, 2019 in the West and February 6, 2019 in the East. Ancient cultures often used what was familiar to describe the energies of the times. Last year was a Brown Mountain Dog year that produced the longest US government shutdown in history, an example of strong, powerful individuals resisting and being stubborn, behavior typically associated with the Mountain Dog. This year is the Yin Earth Pig, just before the long-awaited year of the White Metal Rat in 2020, according to the Chinese calendar. If we go back one 60-year cycle, to 1959, we can get a sense of what this year holds. Read on as my colleague, M. Carol Assa, Master Feng Shui Consultant, fills out the picture... "I am calling it the year of the “Muddy Brown Pig” because the two main elements are yin earth (soil) over water. The yin earth sitting on top of  the yin water Pig vividly illustrates the instability of the yearly foundational  energies. This pig is seen as the farm pig and is very different from the much coveted ”Golden Pig.” It is energetically a weak year of transition. If we go back to 1959, we see it was a very yin year, but then the next year, the “Yang White Metal Rat” thrust us into the cultural revolution of the sixties! Today, there is chaos on every level; human rights, economics,medical, military aggression, politics, surveillance and fake news. It seems inevitable that 2020 will begin a new revolutionary cycle - we just don’t know how it will manifest yet! Some of the highlights of 1959 were the television programs "The Twilight Zone,” "Rawhide", and “Bonanza." Movies included "Some Like it Hot", "Ben Hur" and "North by Northwest.” Alaska became the 49th state and Hawaii became the 50th state. Birth control pills were introduced;Castro came to power; JFK announced his big campaign; the microchip was invented; Motown was big:Malcolm X came into prominence, and the Barbie doll made her debut (one of the original dolls just sold for over $27,000.00)...." Each one of these unrelated events went on to become massively significant, so whatever you are working on now may have implications beyond what you can even imagine. There is a germination period required for things to sprout and grow. And if you sometimes feel stuck in the mud or like you lack energy in this year of the Muddy Brown Pig, do not despair. We have much to look forward to as we transition to the revolutionary 2020s!


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