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The Role of Inner Clarity (IC) in Transforming Beliefs at the Core, The Energy Field, Nov 2009

Energy forms the very basis of energy psychology. In fact, it’s the basis of everything, including the conditions we treat. So what happens if we take a model in which energy is primary and construct a psychology-based healing modality from that? The result, I believe, is Inner Clarity (IC).

IC regards the individual as an energy system in which any condition, no matter how severe, is seen as energy imbalance and every step of the healing process is governed by the laws of energies. What emerges is a framework for understanding the client (and practitioner too) as a complex interplay of energies and a treatment protocol that works by reconfiguring those energies to restore balance.

So far I could be describing any number of energy psychology approaches. However, one thing that makes IC unique is its comprehensive understanding of the human energy constitution. Humans occupy multiple frequency bands simultaneously. These energy dimensions constitute a continuum ranging from low-frequency (dense physical) energies on one end of the spectrum to ultra-high frequency (ethereal) energies on the other. These dimensions can roughly be divided into four main domains of experience-the vital (which includes the physical), the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual. These planes of experience can be further delineated to the extent that there are 49 in all.

Within this sophisticated subtle energy framework we find various forms of energy. Closest to the dense physical level is etheric energy, which consists of the chakra system, the meridians, and the tiny energy capillaries called nadis. Pranic energy and the aura are also linked to etheric energy. Moving up the continuum to the next frequency band is emotional energy, which is governed by the forces of attraction and repulsion. After that is mental energy with its myriad thought-forms. At the spiritual level we find intent, intuition, unity, and consciousness itself. The IC process uses the precision focusing tool of energy kinesiology to mobilize intent (as energy follows intent) and to pinpoint limiting core beliefs that are hidden on these various levels.

Within the IC framework, consciousness is paramount. It is the great mediating force between low and ultra-high frequency energies-between the dense physical and the spiritual. Thus, consciousness plays a primary role in the healing process. Once core beliefs are brought into the light of consciousness they are transformed through a combination of energy based techniques that are unique to the individual.

IC is many modalities rolled into one. It is an integrative approach that uses the principles and practices from a vast array of energy resources to facilitate transformation. It draws on energy medicine (and its many powerful techniques), transpersonal psychology, holistic counseling, and the science of consciousness. In this way, IC transforms beliefs at the core and helps ensure permanent change.

Debra Greene, Ph.D., has dedicated her life to the study and practice of energy health. She is the founder and developer of Inner Clarity ( and author of Endless Energy: A Simple Guide to Energy Health. She will be presenting during a breakout session at the upcoming Energy Psychology conference and looks forward to seeing you there.

Published in The Energy Field, the newsletter of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP), winter 2009, page 8.

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