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This Can't Be Happening

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

I do my best to avoid sensationalized subject lines, but when I talk with people about 5G their reaction is just that: This can't be happening. Oh, how I wish it wasn't! But denial is not the answer.

Believe me, I've tried. :) Some quick facts*:

  • 5G is categorically different than anything that has ever existed in the history of the planet.

  • Residential neighborhoods will be saturated with small cell antennas, every 2-10 homes.

  • Radiation emitted by 5G cell antennas will be tens to hundreds of times greater than what exists today.

  • 5G will add to - not replace - current cell antennas and towers.  

  • 5G has never been safety tested and there are no plans to do so!

  • 17 cities in the US and several cities in other countries already have 5G.

  • Related research shows clear evidence of harm to humans, animals, plants, and insects.

  • Research shows risks of DNA damage, cancer, neurological/brain effects, damaged sperm, and more.

  • 5G includes 20,000 new satellites in near space; deployment has already begun.

  • Concerned scientists worldwide are calling for a halt to 5G.

To delay or stop 5G we're going to need all of our combined sensibilities intact and fully focused on this issue. The multi-trillion dollar telecom industry is using the same playbook as big tobacco and big pharma: 1)Take over the regulating agencies; 2) discredit or payoff scientists who do legitimate research; 3) pour on the propaganda to the public; and 4) get people addicted to your product.

Is there any hope, you may ask?

Yes! People all over the world are mobilizing to raise awareness and stop 5G. And now is the time, before it becomes fully implemented. Brussels, Belgium has imposed a ban on 5G due to radiation concerns. The second largest region in Switzerland, Vaud, has taken similar action. Several municipalities in the US have passed a moratorium. If you care about Hawaii, please sign our petition for a moratorium on 5G. Because we are a tourist economy, visitors have a lot of clout, especially if you include a comment about how you will not visit Hawaii if 5G is implemented:

Here are some important websites

for you to share widely:

For general info about 5G:

For in depth info on 5G:

To find a 5G group near you:

For science on wireless radiation:

With deepest gratitude for your energetic support, I created a short meditation (10 mins) to help with 5G:

May the Force Be Within You, Debra * Research to backup these facts can be found at


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