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5 Things I learned at the Parapsychology Conference

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

I couldn't wait to get home to tell you about this! (And then Hurricane Lane was coming ...but all is well in my little part of paradise. Heartfelt thank you to those who reached out.)

Back to the story! In early August I attended the 61st Annual Parapsychology Conference, held this year at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) in northern California. First time for me to attend this amazing conference.

Some conference highlights...

1) These folks are SERIOUS researchers. I have attended many academic conferences over the years, including physics conferences when I was dating a theoretical physicist, and I have never seen a more dedicated, brilliant and critically minded group of researchers. But they have to be, I suppose, since they are studying paranormal phenomena that mainstream science says cannot exist. And they have been doing this for 61 years!

2) Remote viewing is solid. This is when a person projects their mind to another location, separate from their physical body, and is able to accurately "view" what is there. So much rigorous research has been amassed by this point that remote viewing is irrefutable. Another fascinating aspect is that just about anyone can learn it. Remote viewing is not a gift or special talent that some folks have and others don't. There are centers, including within the US government, where people are routinely trained in remote viewing.

3) The CIA and US military have been engaged in remote viewing for decades. In 1972, during the Cold War, a $20 million program at Stanford Research Institute was funded by the CIA, NASA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and Army and Air Force Intelligence. The experiments routinely showed results that could not have happened by chance (on average the odds were less than one in a million).

4) You may get a voicemail from the beyond... a new documentary shows how some families have been receiving voicemails and other recorded messages from loved ones who have passed on. The 90 minute video, titled Calling Earth, is available online for-free. According to Producer/Director Dan Drasin, who was at the conference, it is difficult for a person to communicate via technology from the other side. Apparently it takes profound intention and focus on their part, which is why their messages are usually brief. Check out the full video here (1:34:23 minutes).

Preview of Calling Earth

5) There is money to be made. In the 1980s ESP pioneer researcher Russell Targ (who was at the conference) and his group made $120,000.00 correctly predicting silver-commodity futures for nine weeks in a row and were written up in the Wall Street Journal. More recently, a research group at the conference was betting on sports teams and made a 400% profit. But it's not quite "easy money" in that correctly interpreting what is being seen through remote viewing takes considerable skill and expertise. And that was another topic of research at this fascinating conference.

Next year's parapsychology conference will be in Paris. Ooh La La! Hope to see you there!


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